Park Cameras Imaging Festival London


It was the Park Cameras Imaging Festival London store's time to shine. They put together a day to remember for all photographers, from demonstrations on studio lighting, to tips and tricks with editing, it had it all.When the stores window shutters were raised, everyone outside had a treat with a live model stood in the window dressed in her summer best, showing how we all should be relaxing in the sun and also having some fun demoing the Tough Camera from Olympus. It was soon full to the brim in the store with all the deals on show, and boy did they put some deals on.I had two slots on the day with my first at 09:30 demoing the Olympus PenF in a studio environment. Below are three shots showing how I set up each light and what I was looking for. Using just a white wall full of scuff marks, I decided to light it with a single Profoto head fitted with lavender gel.[gallery size="full" ids="8331,8332,8333"]The rim light that you see to camera right was a single light with small strip modifier (light shaping tool as there known by Profoto) also fitted with a pink gel but running off the same B2 Profoto pack as the background light. The main light was a B1 fitted with a parabolic umbrella angled past the model to use the softest part of the light.The next three images shows the finished results with Amber putting her own style and twist to the camera creating fun and flowing shots. Combine this with the colours of the lights and the makeup (completed by Michell from Court On Camera) we had the perfect 40min shoot.[gallery size="full" ids="8342,8343,8344"]

Park Cameras Imaging Festival London - StreetWalk

For the afternoon it was time to hit the streets of London for my streetwalk, but there was one problem! the British weather, and boy can it change. In the morning it was sunshine and hot, but come the afternoon it was rain and cloud. The wet weather wasn't stopping me, so we made our way out into the rain giving us the ideal opportunity to test the weather sealing on the cameras. London Streetwalk using PenF Black and White function London Streetwalk using PenF Black and White function London Streetwalk using PenF Black and White functionA huge thank you to my team for all their support on the portrait shoot, also a big thank you to Park Cameras for putting on the event, and lastly thank you to everyone that came and joined me for my portrait/streetwalk workshops.