Park Cameras Streetwalk

It was the first streetwalk of the summer, and what better for a meeting place than Park Cameras London to start the day off. With lots of space and a dedicated training room everyone had a central place at the top of Oxford Street to make their way two.The photography streetwalk started at 10:30am and with everyone in hand it was time to set off down the narrow streets of London heading through Soho Square on to Trafalgar Square and then along Regent Street to demo panning for motion images.One of my highlights from the day was Piccadilly Circus where everyone was getting lost every five minutes and the crowds were full of life and goings on!! We all got some amazing shots there.After we covered our motion shots it was time for a walk down Oxford Street back to Park Cameras where we enjoyed tea & coffee along with some yummy biscuits ready for question and answers. There were some stunning shots from the day with one photographer so keen it was iPad to hand and images being transferred whilst we were all still talking.Thanks everyone for joining me on the day!