Perfect Headshot Profile Photo

A profile photo is your representative in the digital world, which is why it should be a true representation of your personality. Profile photos are so essential to modern communication that a good one is a basic necessity. Now everybody is using social media, LinkedIn and Twitter profile pictures should be professional.

LinkedIn Profile Photo

Many people underestimate the importance of looking likable on LinkedIn (i.e. friendly and kind, like you would be pleasant to work with). In fact, it’s common to think that appearing smart and capable is all that matters.However, these people may find themselves at a major disadvantage.To quote a recent piece from the The Wall Street Journal:

Likable people are more apt to be hired, get help at work, get useful information from others and have mistakes forgiven. A study of 133 managers last year by researchers at the University of Massachusetts found that if an auditor is likable and gives a well-organized argument, managers tend to comply with his suggestions, even if they disagree and the auditor lacks supporting evidence.

And there’s a lot more research where that came from. Take a look at photo feeler for more in-depth information on profile photos. If you want to land better jobs and make more money, appearing influential (i.e. leading and in charge) is key. People who look influential have a better shot at management roles and promotions.Having a clean profile shot for your business of Linkedin profile will give your customers and promising clients a good first impression. We supply four different types of corporate headshots. The style that works for each individual will depend on their business sector and what kind of a professional image they wish to project.Head over and take a look around at our Headshot photography page for more information and what we can offer you.