PhotoSafari Covent Garden

Time for a PhotoSafari around Covent Garden in London with a bunch of outstanding photographers. This was the first time on this new route, and boy did I get some stunning images. With this selection of new walks I decided to limit places to just six attendees at any time. This giving more time for chatting and getting to know my fellow photographers.One thing I like to do is set myself a task on every PhotoSafari I do. My task for this was to only use the Olympus 25mm f1.8 lens along with my true love, the Olympus Pen-F Camera. The second thing I'm a big believer in is that all street photography images should be unedited giving a true representation of what was in front of you at the time.Let me explain more on this. An image on the street should be just that, no silly colors or editing. Just the basics within the camera like curves and contrast. I don't mind boosting saturation and using the curves tool in the camera, but mostly it should be your skills as a photographer reading the light and judgment on exposure to get the desired look.I never edit my street images. They are just taken with the camera in JPG and shown to the world. Although I do have it set to RAW and JPG very rarely I'd use the RAW. Also you have to understand for me street photography is my hobby and for that reason I don't want to spend hours sitting at my computer. For me the computer is work, so it's a balance separating the two.Talking to people is also a passion of mine. I love finding out what other people do with their life and the way they look at the world that passes us by so quickly. For me taking an image isn't about quantity from the day, it's more about capturing that one image I fall in love with. I'm more than happy to come away with one stunning image than 100 good images.Hope you enjoy my pick of images from the day. All are right out of camera with no external editing. I've just used the curve function and color wheel within the Olympus Pen-F camera and all cropping completed as I'm taking the shot.The settings for the camera was Olympus Pen-F 25mm F1.8 Lens, all images shot at f2 in Aperture priority mode with the creative wheel set to colour set to option 3 with CWB at 5600k and auto ISO. In camera crop to 3:2 ratio and my curve set to -4 +4 regarding highlights and shadows.Big thanks to everyone for coming along on the day.