Portobello Road Streetwalk


It was time to head in to London for this months brand new street walk. Portobello Road Photo Safari. In the past couple of months I've introduced three new photography street walks around London. These are proving to be very popular. The Christmas walks proving to be a lot more popular than I first anticipated.

Portobello Road

Originally no more than a winding country path known as Green Lane. The Market took its name from Porto Bello Farm which was built in the area which we now know as Golborne Road. The farm was named after the town of Porto Bello in Panama. Captured by the British from the Spanish in 1739, as part of the War of Jenkins Ear. By the late 1980s, subject to a large amount of gentrification, Portobello Road went from being a run-down and shabby working class district to become affluent, fashionable and one of the most desirable areas to live in the capital. Gradually, antiques have become Portobello Road Market’s best known merchandise, with Saturday being the main trading day. But, you can also find second-hand goods, clothing/fashion, household essentials, fruit, veg and other foods.After a quick coffee at our meeting point we took a slow walk to the beginning of Portobello Road. The cameras were already snapping away at the iconic road name and street life. All were eager to get started on this adventure. The group were given details of our first meeting point as it would be inevitable getting split up.  It took 4 hours to walk the full length of Portobello Road with only stopping half way for a coffee.Portobello Road Photo SafariAbove is my favorite image from the day, and only taken just 10min in to the photography street walk. This little jack Russell puppy was so friendly and engaging. Every where you look there is something happening and no one is aware you're taking their picture.All images are out of camera with no cropping so its keeping to the 4/3 format. Normally I would apply the 3/2 crop in camera, but it was one of those days you feel like trying something different.Big thanks for everyone that came along on the day.