Searching For Light


I'm going to keep this post quite short and let the images tell the story, from what can only be described as a photography dream as I search the streets for the perfect light.I set off for London at 8am. I always like to get in early for breakfast, whilst watching the world go by before searching for light. The place where it would all start is Shoreditch twisting down the back streets, and by 11am Shoreditch was full of life, from street markets to open air pubs filling up ready for lunch.The day was a massive success, and I came away with some stunning images that has made me think about running a Natural Light workshop in the early part of 2016, so keep an eye out for that! But more important for me was going back to basics. Shooting in manual all day and setting the camera to B&W for a more rewarding experience.Enjoy the shots, and I've kept most of them in B&W with just a couple in Colour. I always say if you get a good B&W it will be perfect in Colour as you can see your highlights and shadows better.If you're looking for a photographer to inspire you with B&W images then my pick is Peter Coulson from Australia.Big thank you to the models on the day Jessica Wanderlust, Kirsty Howe, Rob Roberts.