Sophie Mike Wedding Nutfield Priory Redhill


Sophie and Mike's Wedding took place in the stunning grounds of Nutfield Priory Redhill. A spectacular location with its mesmerising views over the valley. The sandglass windows and chandeliers of the venues liberty room are also a beauty not to miss. Each room in Nutfield Priory Redhill has character and a certain worth to it.What a pleasure it was to cover the couples wedding. Right from the start when they came to see me I knew it was going to be a blast. The first time we met we talked and talked. Although mostly about cameras as both myself and Mike has the passion for photography.On the wedding day I arrived earlier than expected at Nutfield Priory Redhill, just to avoid the rush hour traffic. This also gave me a chance to get a nice cup of morning coffee following my long journey. On arrival I was instantly mesmerised with the architecture and the stunning views around me. As I entered the stunning venue I noticed Mike who was also enjoying a morning coffee and chat with family.The girls were in full swing of getting ready. It was a very welcoming atmosphere as I entered into the room. I was taken back to my roots with welcomes from a fellow Mancunian (us northerners have to stick together). But joking aside the girls were so relaxed. Even to the point of the bride slipping in to her dress without a moment lost. Oh and my Snapchat Spectacles he he he. Yes they were certainly an ice breaker.The bride (Sophie) was stunning as she glided down to Mike (very nervous groom). But one look over his shoulder nerves dropped and the smile beamed across his face. The ceremony felt like minutes due to the excitement, readings and happiness in the room. Following the ceremony it was onto the liberty room for drinks and photos before plunging in to the group shots.With a stroke of luck one of the bridesmaids had a room overlooking the grounds where I was shooting the group photos. Knowing this I darted up the staircases and framed the big group shot from above hanging out the window. The window only opened "4 inches" but I nailed the shot.The sun was beaming down and everyone was enjoying the drinks. The food was exceptionally good with the speeches going to plan. It wasn't long before the evening guests arrived and the party celebrations got under way. The photo-booth was overflowing most times as it was located just next to the bar (ten drunken happy people at a time) we were cramming them in to the shots.What a day. The evening came to a close for me at 10Ish. My feet were ready for a nice relaxing soak in the bath. I Silently departed as the happy couple boogied away on the dance floor.Big thank you to everyone for all your hospitality on the day.