SRS Lighting The Streets Workshop


SRS Lighting The Streets Workshop was full to the brim with 16 attendees. It is the first photography workshop I've tutored with a group of photographers of this size that involved a full shoot with two models, and a full afternoon of live editing and workflow demonstrations.I have to admit it was a cold one, but as always myself and the team pull our socks up and crack on with the day regardless of the weather. Sam and Charlotte, my two top models, never let me down with how they perform on the day to accommodate everyone's needs. The morning shoot took place at the back of the SRS shop in Watford with its painted grey walls. I thought it was the perfect place to start with natural light.After we covered the basics, it was time to start getting creative. We done this by adding in a reflector for a bit of extra light to soften the shadows in the face. Everyone had a turn as we built up scene, adding one light at a time. Now using the Profoto B2 kit we added one light with no modifiers, or delusion, to create a small rim light around the gloves of Sam ,giving a separation from the background.We soon nailed the shots and decided to move location for the final part of the morning. The area I found earlier that morning was the BT work centre. It had lots of room and we wouldn't be disturbed by the public. I set up 2 shoot locations using natural light, and splitting the group in to two. This worked really well with having two models as everyone got to cover more shots throughout the morning.As the morning session was coming to an end, we decided to finish with a flash shoot using just Sam for our model, before everyone made their way back to SRS for a well deserved break. We all managed to grab a bite to eat along with a nice hot drink before it was time to get down to Lightroom and show everyone my workflow.I started out by demonstrating Photo Mechanic. A powerful tool for culling and weighting all your meta data. From this we ended up in Lightroom to demonstrate how to get your images ready (basic starting edit) for you to start work on, and use presets from VSCO.

Conclusion on the streets workshop

We defiantly covered a great deal On The Streets Workshop, with everyone getting a good amount of images. One of my personal favourites from the day was sharing how I sort my images out from the camera to Lightroom. The top tip, and the one I think everyone is so surprised with, is how I set the camera up to meeter, and how I take a meeter reading.Thank you to everyone for attending, and look forward to the next time!