On The Streets Of New York


Christmas was approaching and I would say the cold was upon us, but this year it looked like we were in for another mild winter with no snow, so I decided to book a second trip to New York.If you need to get in the Holiday spirit then this is the place to go. The streets are bursting with life with the grand displays of christmas decorations and magical light shows along with the many huge fully dressed christmas trees  with the main one being at the Rockefella Centre standing tall.For me its all about the street photography, with the amazing architecture surrounding us through the narrow streets of New York, and of course there are the new yorkers, their amazing to photograph and they don't mind at all.One of the places you must go and eat at is Juniors Cheesecake located in Grand Central Station. It is well famous for its varieties of cheesecake. Be prepared as their serving sizes are for one, but will feed a whole family of us British!! no joke, mine lasted three days until I finished it.My top tips on locations would be the world trade one building and to go for the 9am slot. Once your up on the observation platform you can stay all day and the scenic views are amazing.

Conclusion of New York City

After four nights we covered all the south, starting from midtown, walking down one side and up the other, even combining Brooklyn and Staten Island. For me New York is one of the greatest cities and a must to go and see! The people are friendly and will always point you in the right direction.Remember look up as the tall skyscrapers tower above you and can give some outstanding images. I've only ever visited the city in the winter time, but from what I'm told its very hot in the summer with all the heat reflecting of the glass windows all around.