Syrp Genie Mini Motion Control


Syrp Genie Mini Motion Control is a new photography product on the market to use in conjunction with your camera or GoPro along with a tripod for smooth panning to put it in short. So lets explain this in some more details.The company that designed and made the product is Syrp and in their own words its a Motion Control that fits in your pocket. The Genie mini is an extremely easy-to-use device to create smooth panning motion time-lapse or real-time video. Wirelessly connect to the Genie Mini using the Syrp Genie App for quick setup and simple control.I was taking a trip to Cuba in February this year, so what better place to put the Syrp Genie Mini to the test. For this I was going to concentrate on two functions, Timelaps and video for smooth panning. Using a GoPro Hero 5 Black and recording in 1080p for speed when transferring from the GoPro to my iPad.Syrp Genie Mini-670×447

Syrp Genie Mini App

You need to download the App on to your phone or iPad to setup and control the Syrp Genie Mini. Everything is straight forward even to a point of having presets for motion control. You can dive in to the manual settings for a more custom panorama.[gallery link="none" ids="10307,10308,10309"]Above you can see the settings workflow for the Time Lapse using the GoPro as the camera. After setting up the start and end points for the Genie all you have to do is press record on both devices then sit back and watch the magic happen.Syrp Genie Mini Time-lapse Ap

Syrp Genie Mini Pros

The one thing I will say about using this small portable device is you're going to get amazingly smooth panning and time laps videos. This will certainly improve your videos and make for a much better watching experience for little cost, but most important portable. On the device its self there is a simple on and off button and also a charging port. If you're wanting to do image time laps you can purchase a separate cable that will allow you to plug your camera in to the Syrp Genie Mini allowing the app to also control your camera.The Syrp Genie Mini is a Bluetooth enabled device and this is how it will connect to your phone or tablet, so remember to charge the unit before heading out.

Syrp Genie Mini Cons

With every good point there is always a bad point. Lets have a look at what I think needs improving. One thing to note is if you're doing a video pan you can't use the audio from the footage. This is due to your cameras microphones picking up the sound of the motors from the Genie Mini. Look at the test video I've covered to outline this. You will see the audio is unusable.The next point is the on and off button on the device. It's so easy to turn the device on with just a light tap on the side. Imagine you have fully charged the unit before heading out on a full days shoot only to find its flat when you get there.


I had a lot of fun with the Genie Mini in the short time I've used it. This will definitely become a part of my video kit bag for getting smoother panning. Imagine covering a property video for an estate agent. This would give you perfect smooth panning on a small footprint.With a price tag of around £275 its well worth it compared to the professional sliders you can purchase in the thousands.[flo_video] [/flo_video]Thanks to JP Distribution for the loan of the unit