24H In Bristol

Each year the Harbourside Arts Centre holds an event named 24H in Bristol. The object of the event is that when you register your entry you're assigned one hour, and within that hour you have to take one photo that shows Bristol through your eyes.When all the entries are complete, the arts centre awards a range of prize's for the winners, including Olympus UK offering one of their Pen cameras as a top prize. I had the opportunity to head a street walk the day before the event to give the entries tips and advice on what to look for ahead for the main event.I had an amazing day leading two walks around the harbour side along with Jez from Olympus, one walk being held in the morning and the other in the afternoon lasting 4 hrs each. We both got some amazing shots from the day and I think we both had our own competition going stealing each others shots, but all in the name of fun!