Wedding Photography Bootcamp

Wedding Photography Bootcamp took almost eight months in the making. The planning started way back in August 2016 and the event date set for 28th March 2017. Even I thought I was getting marred after all the planing that went into the day. The Wedding Photography Bootcamp took place at the stunning Froyle Park Country Estate, Ryebridge Lane, Upper Froyle, Alton, Hampshire.The idea I had for the Wedding Photography Bootcamp was to bring together three lighting techniques that was regularly used at a wedding. I also wanted to  combine all three techniques together at the end of the day. We had the sole use of the location inside and out for the workshop. I decided to setup the three workshops in different rooms within our location. I then split the group up in to five delegates per group.The group ratio worked a treat with two brides and one groom it all came together. There was a natural light, Reflective Light and simple flash with introducing two lights to the scene for dramatic but natural looks. Each group had a full hour before rotating. This gave everyone plenty of shooting time as I dodged from group to group.We broke for lunch and I must say the food was five star thanks to Froyle Park. Everyone gathered around large tables as we chatted over the day so far. But more importantly everyone was working together as a team making new friends. Without knowing, this was one of the most important parts of a wedding. Being a wedding photographer I have to work with strangers every day. Its important to connect with your fellow working partners in this world.Food was over so we all started to head outside. After covering all three rotations the groups came together for the grand finally "The Blossom Tree shot". Boy this was a shot to have. For this we used open shade and flash to fill in the shadows. With everyone getting a turn to fire the flash capturing a stunning image any bride would gladly hang on their living room wall.The day was soon coming to an end. We had a question and answer round before it was time to pack our kit bags and head for home.I've placed an image below showing what happens in post production. One image is straight out of camera along with a finished image that I've colour balanced to my style. If you can get an image near on perfect in camera very little time is needed spent on them. In a wedding photography business this is a must especially when you have 4-500 images to edit from each wedding you cover.[twentytwenty]Wedding photography BootcampWedding photography Bootcamp[/twentytwenty]As you can see from the above there is a dramatic difference in the colouring from the in camera shot and my finished edited shot. This is your style and the reason why the bride and groom book you. It's because they love your style.


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