WEX Lens Show London


The WEX Lens Show comes to London for the first time and boy did they pick the right location (Tanner Street) to hold their signature show. The show is slightly different from others due to no kit or rather no stock at the show. Instead you ordered your purchases from the show and received 20% discount and free delivery on the majority of the products on offer.The trade show is all about getting involved with multiple photography workshops happening on all the floors, and with three floors that's a lot to cram in to one day. My part in the WEX Lens Show was with Olympus to demonstrate the PEN-F with the 45mm f1.8 and 75mm f1.8 Lens for portraits during the morning, too follow in the afternoon with a streetwalk using the 17mm and 25mm Lens.

WEX Lens Show Portrait Shoot

For the morning portrait shoot with my amazing team, model Amber Tutton and make-up Court on Camera. We started off using natural light and adding a simple reflecter for a simple but effective look. Moving on it was time to start getting creative by adding a single flash. For the flash we exposed the ambient light and then added flash to the front for a balance of true natural light.One of the functions I love about the new Olympus PEN-F is the dedicated Monochrome dial, and below is an example of the in camera Monochrome and the colour function using the creative wheel on the front of the camera.[twentytwenty]WEX Lens DayWEX Lens Day[/twentytwenty]

The LensBaby

One lens I was very surprised with, think of it as Marmite, you have to love it or hate it, the LensBaby sweet 50, and I must say after passing it around it was more a love relationship with the Lens. It has a very unique way of handling the blurred we see in images but with some stunning results. It was my first time using such a lens built like a tilt shift, and with some practice you could get some dramatic shots.WEX Lens Day, LensBaby Sweet 50

Streets and sounds

The afternoon, it was a trip outside with cameras in hand and a walk down memory lane. With the busting streets of London every turn brings new images and challenges to overcome. I started with my trusty 17mm f1.8 and the perfect street photography lens (my go too for street) so we headed to a local food market under the arches and boy was it full.We made our way down the winding streets towards London Bridge, then alongside the river then back up along to what I can only describe as a "Pub" yes we all ended up in there for a swift pint before we made the short journey back to the WEX Lens Show.Big thanks to everyone for coming along and all the hard work from the staff at WEX[twentytwenty]WEX Lens Day WEX Lens Day[/twentytwenty]I'm loving the brown, green and black colours in this next image, and as you can see I took this in black and white but the Raw image makes a perfect colour. This is my Philosophy and the way I shoot on a day to day basis.[twentytwenty]WEX Lens Day WEX Lens Day at 47-49 Tanner Street London on 30 April 2016.[/twentytwenty]