WEX London Lens Show


WEX London Lens Show takes place each year at different locations in and around London. This year the WEX London Lens Show took place at the Business Design Centre located in London. The place is amazing with its architecture and not to mention the busting streets of London. With my bags dropped at the Hotel it was time for a scout around.After an hour looking around I managed to catch up with the WEX organisers for introductions. I then made a start setting up my studio space for the demonstrations the following day. On the day of the event I would be using the newly announced Sony A9 camera for dramatic headshots.My dramatic headshots are very unique, using HSS flash and low apertures to give the desired look. Lets break this down. Using a single light above the model (Phottix Indra 500) about one meter in front. The model is two feet from the background (grey popup background). And adding the reflector (westcott eye-lighter)under at waist height to fill in the shadows.The camera was set to f2 with the shutter at 1/500sec and the ISO at 100. There has been no editing completed on the images. Simply just the RAW images in JPG format taken on the Sony A9 camera. I'm sure you will agree its a spectacular result with minimum setup and equipment.The idea behind this is for myself to be more mobile covering corporate headshots with minimal equipment. For a London based photographer traveling all over on the Tube its a must to have a setup you can quickly bang out some amazing shots whilst on location for your clients.The Sony A9 is an outstanding camera and a real game changer in the photography market. Not just for sports and wildlife photographers but the portrait and wedding photographers too. As a wedding photographer and getting the chance to use the A9 at WEX London Lens Show its definitely going to be added to my kitbag for weddings.You can see the live stream over at my Youtube channel.WEX Logo with Wording