Woodland Workshop With Gavin Hoey

Gavin Hoey, the guru of Photoshop and Lightroom, asked me if I would be interested in teaming up to run a portrait Woodland Workshop in the deep woodlands of West Sussex, where we would be demonstrating how to use flash along with reflectors in natural light.After a whole five minutes of thinking the offer over the answer was "Yes Baby", so the planing started and the ideas were flowing with the chosen location being Driver Wood  Paintball, Old Hollow, Copthorne. We had two amazing models for the day, and my morning was spent with Fern Meaeve.For Gavin's morning it was Kerry Allingham as they recreated a paintball war! yes thats right, paint ball and smoke grenades were flying around the woods that day.We all got some outstanding shots from the day along with meeting a great bunch of photographers, not forgetting to  mention Anna Matos that covered all the makeup for the day.