YouTube HQ London


I was invited to the YouTube HQ London for their creators events. Boy was I excited to be invited as it was by strict invitation only. The invitations were no plus one's or transferable. I had my ID in hand to prove I was the one and only Robert Pugh. Although if you google my name there is more than one of me believe it or not.So lets go back to 7am that very same day. What a productive day it would end up being. It started with a walk to the Gym for my first training session at 9am. After a good hour with the personal trainer I was fit for the day. Getting home, changed then head off to Reading to get a packed London bound train.After getting off the train I made my way to The Classic Camera Store. Here I would be dropping of all my Leica equipment. "yes that's right". Its time to say goodby to all my kit as I've decided to only use one brand. I only purchased Leica for an investment that I prove to make on all being well.With a 30min walk I was finally at YouTube HQ. It was still very early as I like to know where im going. Being late is not a thing I do well. I had plenty of time for a pint and boy did I find a good spot in the nearby train station. With a Camden Town Brewery pint in hand I'm certainly happy, but don't mention that to my trainer! Lets just keep that part to us bloggers.I must admit being in St Pancras just makes me want to get on the Eurostar and head to Paris. If there is one place I love at Christmas, and thats Paris. With there decorated streets and market life. It's defiantly a place to go.At 18:00 it was time to start heading over to YouTube for a night of unexpectedly planed evening ahead. What would I be doing I asked my self all day!What an eventful evening I had. I met lots of talented YouTubers. We spent time chatting about our Chanel's and how we can improve them to capture more of an audience. There was plenty of food and drink on offer to keep us talking. The organiser even put together some mind games where we all had to interact with each other.Definitely a fun night and I look forward to getting my next invite! "That is now sitting in my inbox" thanks YouTube.