Zoe and Richard Engagement Shoot


This was an engagement shoot I was looking forward to, not just for the fact we had to postpone the shoot due to the rain some weeks back, but the fact we get on so well! At our initial meeting we talked for so long I forgot to pick my wife up from work (yes I got into so much trouble lol) 2 hours we talked!For the engagement shoot we arranged to meet up at the meadows, a stunning location just outside Reading, and the day couldn't be more perfect for a stroll across some fields (yes, yes I managed to get us lost and find every locked gate for miles) not to mention Zoe already towering above little old me, but still standing taller as I asked Richard to hold the reflector higher."Up" "Up" "Up" I was saying to Richard as I'm looking at Zoe starting to stand on her tip toes lol. O we did have fun! but all jokes aside love the couple and looking forward to covering their wedding day.