Boudoir Workshop at Forbury Hotel


            This was our first Boudoir photography workshop at the Forbury Hotel in Reading, and what an amazing place for such an intimate shoot, with the staff always making you feel welcome, and tea and coffee always to hand.

            The group arrived on time and was warmly welcomed with a coffee after coming in from the rain. We all had time to get to know each other over introductions before heading up to the bedroom where our model for the day Anita De Bauch was getting ready. The room was spectacular and just the job for our boudoir shoot, with a king sized bed along with a couch that was so big you could also sleep on it, and decor to amaze you.

            It wasn’t just the room we had use of, with us all taking the time to head on to the next landing using props and the Hotel features demonstrating 4 key lighting setups from natural night with reflectors, flash, LED lighting with the iceLights from Westcott and finally tungsten battery lighting.

            Through out the workshop I was using the Olympus OMD E-M1 tethered to the computer so everyone could see the full image on the big screen and how I got to the image with all my settings out in the open. We also used the OMD E-M10 as we walked around the Hotel. Every one had a range of cameras from all manufactures but for all the olympus fans we had all the lenses on hand to try (even the new 40-150mm f2.8)

            We welcome everyone to our workshops, whether they use cannon or Nikon cameras but also giving you the opportunity to try MFT cameras if you wish to.

            If you missed this one then look out for our Boudoir advanced workshop in Febuary where we will only be using off camera flash (with multiple units) to create the atmosphere. We also have our wedding workshop on the 8th December covering a full wedding from start to finish. You can book your place for this on the Olympus image space site.


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            Robert Pugh
            8th October 2014

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            I just wanted to take this opportunity to say big thank you for a very enjoyable course, I found it thoroughly interesting as a beginner when it comes to properly lighting scenes and subjects as well as how you manage the workflow with insights into the way you manage post processing. I must admit I had no idea what to expect originally.

            The day was very good at giving me lots of ideas and things to work on in the future as well being as I said fun and enjoyable in the way it was presented. Also to give me more confidence in portrait work as well which I have needed to gain.

            It was good to meet everyone else in the course and see how they also approached the situation. Thank you again for your time and effort. I will drop you a separate email directly to discuss some of the questions I had for you, I promise there will not be too many.


            Hi Fraser,

            It was a pleas her and thank you so much for coming along, big thank you for your feedback as we are already working on next years workshops with starting an advanced boudoir course but this will only be using speed lights starting with one and then adding multiple speed lights in for a given look (we may go wiled and add 11 in to one shot)

            once again big thank you for attending and please do post the images on are google+ forum page

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