Charlotte and Glenn’s Wedding


            Following the Christmas celebrations it was onto the twixmas Wedding of Charlotte and Glenn at Pine Ridge Golf Club, in Camberley, Surrey.

            I met with Charlotte and the girls at the couples family home in Windsor for the prep shots. The atmosphere was very calm as they each took turns in the make over hot seat. 

            It wasn’t until it was time for Charlotte to slip into her dress that it came to light that with all the girls having long manicured nails, no one was able to button up the dress so I stepped into my part time roll of ever popular dress fastener. Once everyone was happy that the bride was fully buttoned in, I made tracks over to the wedding venue.

            On arriving at Pine Ridge Golf Club I had a brief catch up with Glenn and his groomsmen who both seemed very calm, but that may of been down to the bottle of beer in hand.

            As the guests started to arrive they were shown to the ceremony room to await the arrival of the bridal party.

            Following the ceremony and drinks reception the couple and guests made there way out into the crisp winter air to capture some shots before heading back into the warm to a wedding breakfast. 

            As the evening guests started to arrive the disco got underway to keep everybody dancing away through the rest of the night.

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            Robert Pugh
            12th January 2015

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            Thank you Rob, we love the photos so much. The description is great and the bit about fastening me up really made me laugh, imagine if you wasn’t there to do it so I am very thankful for that.

            Charlotte Carpenter

            Thank you for the beautiful photos Rob, we absolutely love that. And what a great description of the day, the part about fastening up my buttons made me laugh, good job you was there hay.
            Thanks again

            Im glad you like the images Charlotte and it was my pleasure covering your wedding day not to mention stepping in to fasten your dress up! its slowly becoming my part time job lol

            Wish you both all the best for all the years ahead!

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