Charlotte & Glenn’s Engagement Shoot


            The first engagement shoot of the day and we started over on Caversham Bridge in Reading Berkshire before heading over to the Caversham Gardens.

            Charlotte and Glenn are a fun couple and I’m already looking forward to their wedding in December! Yes a christmas wedding to remember. I already feel like I know the couple so well as we are on each others Facebook and Instergram so everyone was nice and relaxed as we walked around scouting the back streets of Reading for backdrops for our shots.

            We managed to miss all the rain and come away with some stunning engagement shots from the morning so as I say my goodbyes and the couple head to the local Weatherspoons for a light lunch and a pint before picking up the their little one from mum’s.

            See you both in December!

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            Robert Pugh
            24th October 2014

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            What a lovely description Rob, thank you for a lovely day and getting some amazing shots for us to treasure forever. See you in December 🙂

            It was a pleasure really looking forward to covering your wedding in December see you soon!

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