Elspeth and Luke Wedding


            The start of the wedding photography

            Elspeth & Luke’s wedding was located at Easthampstead Park on a very rainy and misty day but as I was only starting from the ceremony most of the fog had lifted by then. Elspeth was already dressed and eager to go when I arrived but I couldn’t resist  some quick photos of the girls before we headed of to the ceremony.


            Luke was looking pretty nervous on the day and I was warned by others that he was very camera shy at the best of times, but he was very quick to admit that to me on my approach (even sending a sneaky text to the girls saying he’s going to hide from me) but little did luke know I was with the girls when he sent the text so I knew of his plan and that just made me more determing to get some awesome shots of him to conquer his fear of the camera.

            The rain didn’t let up much so all the group shots had to be captured inside but thats not a problem at this venue with there stunning staircase managing to fit all 70 guests on and all in shot. After the group shots the bride and groom set off with myself to captur some portraits from around the manor. The fog had started to come back in but the scenery looking stunning as the dear’s were coming out of the woods walking around near the back patio area.


            It was time for food so I gave them all a break from the camera and sat down myself to tuck in to what I could only call a monster bit of steak !! well I was full and it was time for the speeches which was a bit over my head as it was to do with doctor who (im not much of a doctor fan but the brides parents are) it gave for some laughter amongst the guests. The time had come to what I believe Luke was dreading the most and thats the first dance !! but I must admit he pulled it off nicely.

            The Games Room

            What a superb touch to add to your wedding reception, they have a room dedicated to games from a nintendo wii to a football table so every time i needed to find the men (and Luke’s favourites hiding place) off to the games room i headed. By well in to the evening the girls were overtaking the games having loads of fun joining in with the men and showing then how its all done.

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            Robert Pugh
            2nd December 2012

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            We had a wonderful day – and a big part of that was having Rob being so professional. Despite our reluctance to have pictures taken, and Rob isn’t joking above about Luke’s avoidance tactics, he got some lovely shots and made us feel very relaxed.

            He was also good with our guests – from our 3 year old flower-girl who was very nervous to my 91-year-old Grandfather.

            Thank you for your kind words Elspeth. It was my pleasure photographing you both, and by the end of the day I think you were both liking the camera just that little bit more.

            All the very best to the both of you and please do stay in touch!

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