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        Thee Best Events Photographer In Berkshire

        RP Photography By Design boasts one of the most outstanding photographers in the area. Robert has been attached to his camera for the most part of his life and since 2010, has been photographing professionally, namely events and commercial photography.

        Why Chose RP Photography For Your Events

        Robert’s work has been so adored in fact that it’s taken him across the world, shooting everything from cocktail parties to awards ceremonies, birthdays to anniversaries. His abilities are of course across the board with his services including wedding and corporate photography but it’s events photography where his heart lies.

        Why? Robert enjoys the dynamic energy of an event, the flow of the people and what is his constantly changing canvas. The emotions and energies of an event are something Robert enjoys capturing for people to enjoy within an image for years to come. The feelings and energy that are caught within one single image are something to be amazed by.

        Event Photography To Envy

        As anyone knows, an events photographer needs to be everywhere to capture every moment, but they need to do this almost without being seen. Robert is known for this or what he likes to call a natural and unobtrusive style. He’s known for moving freely through an event without disrupting the flow and he does with ease; capturing every image possible, never missing a beat.

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        Set Packages & Custom Prices For Event Photography

        Prices start from as little as £145 with additional hours charged at £45 per hour. Half day rates sit at around £280 with full days at roughly £460. Should you need Robert for a more complex job or perhaps over a few days, then he does offer a discounted rate however, expenses such as hotels and flights are additional costs.

        Additional Services
        Additional services such as retouching of images and image licenses are also additional costs however, this will all be discussed with each client beforehand so you can book Robert’s services with confidence. Whether you’ve booked an event photographer before or it’s your very first time, Robert will ensure the process of booking is quick and easy.

        GET IN TOUCH

        If you have any questions about prices, Robert’s services on the day or the process of receiving your images afterwards, do not hesitate to ask. Robert and his team are on hand to answer any questions and make the process as easy as possible for you. Contact Robert today on 0741 1113815.