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            It was a fully booked, fun packed full to the brim fashion portrait workshop, with everyone taking in the demonstrations from myself and Gavin Hoey.

            Everyone started to arrive at 10am and were greeted with a nice hot coffee, allowing the group to mingle with friendly introductions before being moved to the small, but some what cosy studio. It was Gavin Hoey up first, demonstrating small lights and non expensive gobos. It’s amazing what you can do with a single speedlight and a cup full of holes.

            After throwing in some background lights and grid’s, everyone had a chance to capture some images before the morning demonstration came to an end for lunch. The group had the opportunity to look over the images from the morning workshop over a spread of finger sandwiches and a glass of wine.

            With the lunch break over, it was soon time for the afternoon demonstration. I kicked off this afternoon’s demonstration by firstly explaining how my thoughts for my desired image were put together, and what I was looking for as my end result. With a quick look in to my notebook it was time to start building the set. We started with a small key light, that followed by adding background lights and gels. It all came together nicely.

            Fashion Portrait Breakdown

            I’m not going to say it was all plan sailing thats for sure. Whats a shoot without getting a wrong image, or something not quite working! Thats why we do what we do, so everyone gets to see a real world shoot, and not a shoot thats recreated time and time again. The gallery contains images from both myself and Gavin from throughout the day.

            My images are all un-edited, and straight out of camera, with myself using the Olympus OMD EM5MKII with the 45mm f1.8.

            My camera settings did not change at all through out the whole shoot, and I was set at ISO200 1/250 F8 with a custom WB using the expo-Disc. We were using the Profoto B1, B2 and the D1 Light heads with modifiers.

            We all had lots of fun, and a big thanks to everyone for attending. By looking at twitter and Facebook everyone came away with some stunner images.

            Meet The Team

            Big thanks to Michelle from Court On Camera for the makeup and styling, Amber Tutton our amazing model for the day and Gavin Hoey for covering the morning demonstration.

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            Robert Pugh
            29th February 2016

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            It was a great day out. There was a great contrast between using basic speedlights with basic props and using professional equipment both of which yielded great images. I certainly learned a few things and it will inspire me to move forward. I will definitely try Gavin’s advice which is get out and hire a good model and I will experiment with gels . In short it was as worth the flight from Dublin at 06.40am and not getting home until 11.30pm

            Thanks Barry, as always it great having you along on the workshop and looking forward to Portugal where will create some masterpieces.

            A great day, full of inspiration.. Makes all the difference with a pro model, thanks Amber. Two talented instructors taking us from simple to complex. Made me get the light meter and flashguns out. Now I just need to find a subject.

            Thanks also everyone behind the scenes, the hospitality was appreciated.

            Thanks for an informative and entertaining day. Will certainly be coming along again.

            Thanks Dave, Great to have you along I’m really glad you enjoyed the day, keep us posted on your up-and-coming images and good luck with future shoots!

            Look forward to next time

            […] You can check out Robs photos and write up of the day on his blog. […]

            I enjoyed the day and very much appreciated the effort put in to make the day a success.
            Both Gavin and Rob shared their experience and techniques in very easy stages and it was good to see some of their ideas.
            Amber is a great model and was so patient and always on top of her game throughout the day.
            Clare always provides the friendly and welcoming touch behind the scenes.
            A very enjoyable day. Thank you.

            Trevor, thanks for coming along it was an amazing day and I’m so glad everyone turned up and enjoyed the day, you can’t go wrong when you’re serving of wine for lunch lol

            Well guys you pulled off another great day, first time I’ve been with 2 very creative people, hope it happens again soon.

            P.S There are no GOBO’s in Wilkinsons.

            Brian, Its always a pleasure having you along on the workshops, especially when it’s nice and dry inside.

            I would like to echo Pats comments by saying an experienced professional model and make up artist are real assets. It was great to see Gavin achieve great results from basic equipment ( including domestic kitchen light modifiers). Rob then showed us how to take things further with Pro level lighting.A nice bunch of people and great to have Olympus support. Thanks to all

            Thanks Terry,

            What an amazing day!! I’m only sorry there was not more time in the day for me to talk to everyone, Looking forward to the next time.

            What a great day!
            The payoff of pushing the button is obviously the ‘big thing’ but with Rob and Gavin sharing their approach to creative ideas and developing them, how these fed into the planning and set-up of the ‘shoot’ was fantastic.
            It made me fully appreciate the need for and use of proper professional models and make-up artist. They kept it going for the whole day: different ‘looks’, always ‘fresh’ (no one said ‘blue steel’, no one needed to).
            Really great people attending, No camera envy, good questions.
            Must have kit now: cutlery stand: you had to be there!
            Thank you All.

            Thanks pat, really glad to have you along and keep the images coming, they look amazing.

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