First Look Olympus OMD EM10 MKII


            First Look Olympus OMD EM10 MKII Designed primarily for the amateur and casual photographer who aspires to improve his or her photography, the EM-10 Mark II’s iAuto feature is a good starting point—the camera assesses the scene and chooses the most appropriate shooting mode for the best chance at a good exposure for that situation. However, photographers can grow into the aperture and shutter priority and manual exposure modes, as well as some 14 Art filters and scene modes for creative results.

            Key Features

            • Wi-Fi, controllable via smart phone
            • Electronic Viewfinder has 2.3 million dot resolution
            • In-Camera 5-axis Image Stabilisation
            • Silent shutter mode
            • 16MP For Thirds Sensor
            • Pop-Up Flash
            • 14 Art Filters
            • All-Metal construction
            • 8.5fps burst rate
            • 1080/60p top video
            • OI Share, Live View

            Experience the exceptional resolution and astounding detail captured by the OLYMPUS Micro Four Thirds sensor and advanced image capture technology that rival those of D-SLR cameras. Together with its highly powerful image stabiliser, this technology brings out the very best in each M.ZUIKO lens – delivering awe-inspiring, sharp photos or movies. Try the E-M10 Mark II and be amazed by the image quality!

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            Robert Pugh
            25th August 2015

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            Hi Robert, many thanks for the qick reply and for your thoughts on the em10 mk2. It was great to see the old and the new version side by side. I will be pre-ordering my mk2 shortly!! Many thanks!

            Your more than welcome and always happy to help, let me no when you have the camera for advice on settings and getting the best out of the OMD.

            Glad the video helped!

            Hi, is the lcd screen the same size as the previous em10?. Had plans to buy the em10 and already have a screen protector bought for it, so i am wondering will it fit the new mk2?. Thanks.

            Thanks for this!

            Yes the screen is the same size as before so all screen protectors will fit nicely. Most of the changes are to the outer looks and functions along with software updates that was not available on the original.

            The main difference in size is the thickness but its hard to see without having the original side-by-side.

            He is a great looking camera and a vast improvement on the original where it also giving you five access image stabilisation and better resolution viewfinder.

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