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Why i decided to shoot 35mm Film. Our DSLRs have confused us. We obssess over the wrong things. Sharpness, bokeh characteristics of lenses produced from what-must-surely-be prancing magical unicorns; high speed burst frame rates that make cameras sound like gatling guns, 4k resolution, 100 auto focus points that still won’t focus on what we need them to, and noise performance at 400,000 ISO. Absolutely none of these will make your photographs better. Shooting film will though, here’s why.

35mm Film Camera

I bought my first film camera in a decade. A Leica M6. Yep say all you want to say about Leica users (it’s probably all true), this camera has changed the way I shoot, and been the single best investment in any piece of gear to date. My choice of films our Fuji 400H, Portra 400, Ekta 100 and Tri-X 400 for black and white.

Those of us lucky enough to have photo albums from the ’90s and before tucked away in our parents’ homes will undoubtedly take great joy in flicking through the tattered card pages, looking through the embarrassing portraits, day trips to the zoo, the beach, birthday parties and that time our trousers fell down in the park. The point I’m making is these holiday’s photo albums were perfect and they were all shot on film.

Fast forward to today and we’re not only making fewer albums, we’re taking more photographs to get that perfect shot. Even our smartphones are littered with countless portraits of our children, nieces and nephews, because the photo before could have been just a little bit better.

Back in the day of film photography we didn’t worry about that, and those photo albums that we look back on are still as perfect today as when our parents first stuck them down.

So what doc i like shooting 35mm film, it simple slows me down and makes me appreciate the world in front of me more.

35mm film Photography Equipment

35mm film Photography Equipment. Notebook, Leica M6, Portra 400 and money for my travels.

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