Greta and Darren’s E-Shoot

            The mid-day sun was burning down when I met with Greta and Darren for a lovely afternoon shoot in Bracknell Forest. As Greta’s mum went to the play park with the couples little boy Hayden, we set off into the forest.
            The shade from the trees were very welcome to cool us down from the heat of the sun.
            After a short time Greta mentioned that she brought along a change of clothes just incase there was an opportunity she could have a change of outfit, We were all laughing away as I sent them off to the forest changing rooms in between the trees and bushes to change.
            We had a fun afternoon strolling the forest capturing some stunning shots, but it was time to say our goodbyes as the couple went off to rescue nanny from the children’s play park.
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            Robert Pugh
            28th June 2014

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