Sony Castle cameras Wedding Workshop

            Highcliffe Castle Wedding Bootcamp


            Highcliffe Castle is a stunning venue located on the cliff top at Highcliffe Dorset. Highcliffe Castle has some of the most amazing locations for a wedding not to mention for the wedding photographers. With just a short walk you can be on the golden sandy beach looking out to the sea.

            Every year I cover a wedding photography boot camp for new wedding photographers. It’s the perfect opportunity to practice shots on a bride and groom without the worry or concern or a wedding.
            The day starts off with me covering a presentation for around an hour. We talk about the equipment I use as a wedding photographer and the approach on the day of the wedding.

            After I’ve talked about album design and how to cost yourself in this bustling market as a wedding photographer the next step is live demonstrations.
            We all get our cameras out and pick the right lens to use for the shot. The first location is usually inside to show how to cope with low light situations. I always demonstrate flash and show how simple it is to use multiple Speedlights for a dramatic shot. It’s important to know how to use light as a photographer, especially for winter weddings usually get dark around 3 pm.

            Highcliffe Castle Wedding Bootcamp

            The next step is heading outside Highcliffe Castle to demonstrate natural light and how to pick the right locations when a sunny day with harsh shadows. Everyone has to understand that flash can work on a hot sunny day. It can also be a creative light if we add gels and modifiers to the equation.

            The final demonstration of the day was a walk down to the beach. At 3 pm the sun was high in the sky but not giving the look I was after. In my mind, I was thinking of a couple getting married on holiday in a hot sunny destination with golden sandy beaches.
            I decided to put my cameras temperature to 9000k and use a CTO gel on my flash for a more creative look. One last modified to add and that was the MagMod MagSphere to soften the light on the couple.

            The final set of images are below after my editing which was very little. I have also included a Link to show you how to remove objects from your image. Very easily using Affinity Photo.

            Just like to thank Castle Cameras for putting this together and the support from Sony.

            Highcliffe Castle Wedding Bootcamp
            Highcliffe Castle Wedding Bootcamp
            Highcliffe Castle Wedding Bootcamp
            Sony Castle cameras Wedding Workshop
            Sony Castle cameras Wedding Workshop

            Sony Castle cameras Wedding Workshop

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            Robert Pugh
            14th July 2018

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            How beautiful these photos are! I just love these so much

            Thank you Rob for such an excellent workshop. It was a great day, and I felt that I learned a lot from your considerable experience. Hope you do some more workshops in the future, as I would be interested in attending again! Love the images by the way, you did Sophie and Tom proud. I hope they enjoyed the day, too!

            […] Many thanks to Rob for running such an excellent bootcamp for our customers, our excellent models, Sophie and Tom and a big thank you to Sony for their ongoing support. Please check out Rob’s blog post about the bootcamp. […]

            Thank you Rob for an excellent workshop for our customers! They all took a lot from it and the photos they have been sharing over social media have been great to see. We look forward to next year, when we can do it all over again!

            It was my pleasure and thank you for sorting out the wedding workshop along with all your help at Castle Cameras. Amazing to see everyone images from the day and I must say a big thank you to all the attendees.

            Until next time

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