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            Creating your master piece wedding album

            Im always asked how I build and make my wedding photography albums. The first step to the perfect wedding album is arranging the appointment with your customer to discuss the design of album their looking for.

            Step by step

            Finao offer a massive range of album covers, of which you can purchase swash samples, or use the high resolution samples from their website. I designed a web page so my customers could choose their own album preferences and on completion they would  email it over to me for the final proofing.

            Once the album cover is decided, whether its leather, linen or a combination of two tone leathers its time to pick the page colours and wording to have printed on the cover. Creating the pages is slightly different in the way that I would just ask the customer if they would prefer rounded or square edges on the photos along with how clean and simple or complexed the  layout would be.


            When you have all the information you can then start to design your page layout. I use Photoshop CS6 along with the Fundy plugin. You’ve finished your page designs and they are now ready for proofing, so you just need to export the spreads as Jpg’s. I use a site called Album Exposer as for a small cost each year i’m able to do online proofing with my customers making album turnaround much faster.

            The proofing site will also allow your customer and you to place comments to each other on the pages recommending and asking for changes to be accomplished.nce your customer is happy with the proof its as easy as pressing the “I Love It” button then your finished.

            Prints and Album

            The last step is to order your album from finao and upload your pages to Loxley Colour to order your prints and I would recommend the Lustre finish. Its simply the best finish for your album pages.

            Loxley Colour click here

            finao Albums click here

            Album Exposer click here

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            Robert Pugh
            11th January 2013

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