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            Sunday morning and up early for the start of Jessops Image Festival in Reading Berkshire, for a day of some amazing deals along with Olympus running a free steetwalk for all customers to attend.

            The photography streetwalk was fully booked and at 11am we headed out and hit the streets, although the rain had started there was no stopping us!

            We walked through Reading and along to the train station stopping along the way for me to demonstrait my in camera B&W settings. This was also the perfect time for me to help the group setup their cameras to get the best out of their OMD’s

            I even managed to set up a fujifilm X20 and a Nikon so everyone was happy. The walk ended back at Jessops with a chat in their conference room before everyone started heading home to spend time with their wife (or look over the images).

            Big thanks for the coffee and look forward to next time.

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            Robert Pugh
            28th June 2015

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            Hello, excellent walk, thanks for some invaluable info

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