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            It was our first Reading street walk teaming up for the brand new Jessops Reading store located in the Oracle shopping centre in association with Olympus UK.  It turned out to be an excellent event with the full 17 attendees turning up on the day, along with an extra one we took on board at the last minute once he purchased his new 40-150 f2.8 Lens with no persuasion from us!

            We set off at 10:30 heading out of Reading centre and along Oxford Road only to find some amazing reflections in a pool of water giving everyone the first photo moments before heading on to the Cattle Markets where we managed to get some interesting abstracts of the cows painted on the wall.

            At this point I gathered everyone together showing them how to make their own B&W in camera with the Green and Red filters then saving to “My Sets” everyone was very keen to give it a try.

            After a long walk we made tracks for the other side of Reading to the best Burger place in town called “The Handmade Burger” where I managed to arrange our group a 15% discount! I think that sold the venue to everyone, se we all had over an hour talking cameras and comparing images, not to mention enjoying the food. Big thanks to Adam for sorting that out for me.

            After food we made our way out for our final part of the walk, over to the underpass, then along the river for some shots of the Lock and the mass amounts of swans and pigeons, where you had to ‘Duck” every five minutes with their taking off. After this we made tracks back to Jessops for a brief  Q&A session before saying our goodbyes.

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            Robert Pugh
            26th January 2015

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            Thanks, Rob, very good day, some interesting locations around Reading that I’d not seen before, and some useful tips (I even worked out how to save custom settings on my GX7 🙂 ). Good to try out the Olympus lenses too (though maybe not so good for my bank balance in the near future!). I’d definitely be interested in the Urban Portraits walk.

            My pictures are up on google+

            It was a really enjoyable day and would thoroughly recommend. Is there a # for the event so we can see each others photos please?

            Thanks Andrew, Yes it was a good day with some amazing people all giving each other tips on what to photo on the day.

            If we can use #readingphotowalk that would be brilliant and i can have a look at everyone work along with me posting some of my own.

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