Joanne and Jason’s wedding

            Joanne and Jason Wedding Elephant Pangbourne


            The Elephant Pangbourne (Elephant and Castle), Berkshire was the venue for today’s wedding celebrations. Upon my arrival I made my way up to room 7 where Joanne and her wedding party were in full swing of hair and make up. The drinks were also in full flow as the many celebratory glasses were spotted throughout the room. Whilst the girls were busy getting ready upstairs, downstairs the venue staff were also in full swing busy changing rooms around ahead of the day’s celebrations.

            Jason and his party arrived in plenty of time, ready to greet the arriving guests whilst enjoying a refreshing drink in the hotel bar. It was soon time for Joanne to slip into her wedding dress, whilst back downstairs the guests were starting to be seated in the ceremony room to await the arrival of the bride.

            The Elephant Pangbourne

            Following the ceremony, the guest’s made their way out into the hotel gardens where they enjoyed a Pimms drink reception with a few garden games on hand whilst enjoying the glorious sunshine. While the guests were happily enjoying themselves, I was able to whisk the happy couple away briefly for some quick portrait shots before rejoining them back with their guests in plenty of time before all were seated to a BBQ wedding breakfast. As it was the first day of May (May Day) the couple had this amazing idea to place a table top maypole on each of the tables. The maypoles were to be judged at the end of the meal with the winners winning a bottle of Prosseco. Well that soon had all the guests up on their feet weaving and dancing around there tables. Myself and my assistant were sat at one of the tables with a lovely group of the guests. We all managed to dance our ribbons around the table without even leaving our seats, and the end result was near on perfect. I must also add that of course we were the winning table.

            Following the BBQ banquet guests made their way to the lounge and Elephant Pangbourne hotel gardens where they enjoyed tea’s and coffee’s ahead of the start of the evening celebrations.

            As the evening guests started to arrive they too were greeted with a Pimms drink reception before making their way to the celebration suite where the bride and groom were ready to do the cutting of the cake, followed by their first dance as husband and wife. As the disco got underway I said my goodbyes and left the newly weds and their guests dancing and celebrating the night away.

            Thank you all for making us feel so welcome.

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            Robert Pugh
            28th May 2016

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            Thank you for a wonderful summary of our special day and we are really pleased you could share it with us. The photos really captured the essence of the day and show the relaxed atmosphere we wanted. You were so professional and the photos have surpassed our expectations. Thank you so much

            Your more than welcome and thank you for your kind words. The day was amazing, fun and nonstop action, so enjoyable covering the photography on the day and getting to know everyone.

            All the best – enjoy the sunny weekend.

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