Laura Danny Engagment Bracknell Forest

            Laura Danny Engagement Bracknell Forest


            The traffic was against me as I made my way to the Lookout Centre at Bracknell Forest Were I was meeting up with Laura and Danny to cover their engagement shoot. Luckily I was only running 15min behind schedule. With a quick call from Laura checking my location in the forest, we were soon on track to making some memories.

            Bracknell Forest is a stunning location for a couples engagement shoot with all the woodlands, greenery and blossoming flowers around. What could be more relaxing than taking an early morning walk around the woods. With the sun high in the sky beaming down on you.

            Laura was very nervous about having her pictures taken. With Danny on the other hand being very playful for the camera. I do like a challenge and after the first couple of snaps Laura was relaxed and having fun. I actually think Laura forgot about the camera and started to take in what Bracknell Forest had to offer.

            Engagement shoots are what I like to call short and sweet. Spending just an hour with each other and getting to know one another. Its the perfect opportunity to see how I work and how you both are with the camera. What’s more you come away with some amazing images in a stunning location like Bracknall forest.

            Our time on the shoot had come to an end. Taking a full circle around the forest landing us back where we began. In the carpark. Saying our goodbye’s the couple had the afternoon off to relax and enjoy this glorious day we were having. Next stop the couples wedding, and that will be taking place at The Runnymede Hotel, Runnymede.

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            Robert Pugh
            2nd June 2017

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            Brilliant stuff mate, full of layers and story.

            Thank you Rob, we loved the location for our engagement shoot and the photo’s are beautiful. I was very nervous before the shoot and usually hate having my photo taken but due to Rob’s friendly and relaxed manner I really enjoyed the day and we have some very special memories to take away from it.
            We feel very fortunate that we have found such a talented photographer in Rob to capture our very special day this time next year.

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