Laura David Engagment

            Laura David Engagement Bracknell Forest


            Laura and David Engagement shoot took place in the stunning Bracknell Forest. This is one of my all time favourite locations for engagement shoots. It was an early Sunday morning start as I pulled up in the car park at ten o’clock. A slightly overcast morning but my shorts were on for the forest walk as boy o boy it was hot. Working within the trees was a blessing as a cold breeze occasionally swept by.

            The couple turned up and was raring to go. Off we walked and straight in to the shoot using the tree line for the first set of images. Well we walked, talked and took some stunning engagement shots. The morning was nice and slow paced but very relaxing for the couple. By the end having their photo taken was like a piece of cake.

            Engagement shoot are a great way to get to know each other and how I work. Not only with the camera but with you my customers. Its a bit of fun as we chat away around each other and finding more about what makes us tick. Laura and David are an amazing couple. I’m so looking forward to covering their wedding at The Elephant located in Pangbourne Reading.

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            Robert Pugh
            17th July 2017

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            Myself and Laura can’t thank you enough for making us both feel so at ease and relaxed on the day of our engagement shoot. The morning had a magical feel that had as all sharing stories, adventures and most of all capturing true and meaningful memories through a lens. Robert Pugh we are both honoured and blessed to have you as our wedding photographer.

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