Lauren & Ben’s Engagement Shoot


            It was an early morning start for Laura and Ben’s engagement shoot at Virginia Waters situated close to the borders of Ascot and Windsor. It rained the day before but we were lucky enough to have blue skies and sun shining down on us for the shoot ahead!

            Laura and Ben were a little bit nervous about having their photos taken but after the first couple of shots we were all laughing and enjoying the time together. The couple even got to a stage where they were oblivious of the camera and the amount of photos I was snapping away as they were casually chatting away to each other. After crawling through the woods and dancing through the trees it was time to start heading back.

            With today’s modern cameras we have more control over the photos that we can achieve, and one of my passions is double exposures. I managed to create 2 or 3 double exposures along the way, and that always makes me happy creating something different for the couples that they wouldn’t normally have in a photo.

            A beautiful couple and really looking forward to covering their wedding day.


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            Robert Pugh
            3rd July 2014

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            You did a great job of making us feel relaxed and comfortable. The shots are beautiful. Thank you, can’t wait for the wedding ones.


            “Likewise Lauren” really looking forward to covering your wedding day and creating more amazing photos. i’m shore rob will be out practising with his own camera from the inspiration on the day.

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