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            LCE Pro Show Southampton


            Once a year LEC (London Camera Exchange) put on their LCE Pro Show down at Southampton, located in the ground floor of Nova Hotel. It’s a chance for all the brands to come together and show off their products with the added benefit of being able to run small demo workshops on the day, free for all to attend.

            Think of the LCE Pro Show as a mini photography show like at the NEC that we all had the pleasure of attending in March, but with this, its on a more personal approach with the camera store you use day in day out.

            LCE Pro Show Southampton

            My part to play was for Olympus and to demonstrate tethering with the Olympus OMD EM5MKII, along with using the 45mm f1.8 Lens (one of my all time favourite lenses). We also had time to show off the Pen-F, but as this camera has no tethering capability the back of the screen had to do.

            I was in-undated with questions form what equipment I use for my wedding photography to how I set the camera up for street photography. The day went to plan with my shoot and helping all the customers out throughout the day with their questions.

            Big thanks to my team, Amber Tutton for modelling and Michelle from Court on Camera for make-Up and styling.

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            Robert Pugh
            2nd May 2016

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