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            Lens and Bokeh


            Look at a selection of camera lenses from different manufacturers for the different Bokeh it can create on the micro 4/3 system using adapters.Leica and Vogtlander lenses are renowned for their shallow depth of field they create matched with the Quality of Olympus cameras.

            Lens and Bokeh is one of the first things that spring to mind when looking at an image before we start thinking “how was this created”

            I’m a big believer in that glass is always an investment and we change our camera bodies again and again as the years go by, some of my lenses are years old but still producing images like they were purchased yesterday.

            PREV. ITEM Thumbs Up Leica NEXT ITEM Homage 1920X1200 Image
            Robert Pugh
            17th November 2015

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