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Here at RP Photography By Design, we’re constantly surprised by the amount of people who spend hours creating the perfect LinkedIn profile, listing every award and accomplishment they’ve ever achieved. Yet, fail to spend any time on their actual profile image.

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Whether it’s a quick shot captured using a smartphone or ‘professional’ headshot that was intended for something else entirely, either way the majority of users on this business based social media platform all grab what they have to hand without even thinking about it. Would you be surprised to learn however that actually, your profile picture plays a much larger role when it comes to you landing your next dream job?


Why Invest In A High Quality LinkedIn Picture?

You need to think about how you look in your photo. What will people likely think when they see your photo? What will they conclude about your personality? Your ability? Your work ethic? While you can’t control how everyone perceives you, you can take certain steps to ensure your image creates a positive impression and here at R P Photography, that’s exactly what we do.

We provide a professional LinkedIn photography service offering three different packages starting from just £45. Our packages focus on everything from a single headshot to a prolonged period of time at your office, capturing an array of images of you in your own environment, doing what you do best.

What Research Says About Your LinkedIn Photography

Research has even shown in fact that your photograph is likely to stick in someone’s mind more than your profile information itself. In essence, your profile image is your ‘first impression’. This particular study concluded that a first impression garnered from your LinkedIn profile picture was exactly what the majority took away with them, even after meeting face to face. The author or this particular study believed it to be down to two particular reasons:

Reason One & Reason Two

  1. The Halo Effect – this is all down to a positive first impression. If your initial impression of someone leads you to believe that person looks like a nice person, you’re far more likely to associate other ‘nice’ attributes to that person such as them being a socially competent person and a good parent.

2. Self-Fulfilling Prophecy – if you think someone’s likeable then you’re more likely to behave in a much friendlier manner than if you thought otherwise. This works both ways too. If you deem someone to be unlikeable then you’ll likely act more negative toward them, short and stand offish.


Make A Great First Impression
With Professional LinkedIn Photography

With your LinkedIn profile image having such ability to create that ultimate first impression in one of the most influential B2B social media platforms out there, ensuring your image says the right things about you is paramount.



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