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            Lizzie and Robin’s Wedding took place at Stokes Farm Barn located in Binfield, Berkshire. It was such a pleasure to cover wedding photography at Stokes Farm Barn. The Barn has only just started to cover weddings. With it being set in the perfect location what better place for a Picnic. The wedding was set around a Picnic in the countryside. With wicker baskets and hand made cushions that Lizzie’s mum had been putting together for the last 12 months.

            Lets rollback a little to the start of the day. We started at Lizzie and Robin’s home for the bride preparations. With close friends, mum and the bride it was a more personal morning. As the bridesmaid was having her hair and make-up done Lizzie was hard at work. Making her own wedding bouquet out of wild flowers. With glue gun in one hand and flowers in the other (also gluing her fingers together) the morning was set.

            Lizzie’s mum entered into the lounge looking stunning in her new dress. This setting the benchmark for everyone else to start getting ready. Lizzie stepped into her dress with the help of her mum. And if i do say so myself the dress was perfect. An elegant dress for an elegant bride perfect for a country wedding picnic. With the bride ready it was my queue to make tracks for Stokes Farm Barn ahead of the bride arriving.

            Stokes Farm Barn Binfield

            Upon my arrival to Stokes Farm Barn all the guest had already started to arrive, and with a nice greeting from the farm animals. This has to be one of my top ten venues to work at for weddings. Not only for the location and settings but the staff and organiser who were a real pleasure. They were always on hand to help make you feel like part of a family and not a customer.

            Truth be told I could go on for hours about this wedding and location. Instead I’m going to let the images do all the talking for me. The ceremony was more than just a wedding in a barn. Following the ceremony the couple departed to bubbles all around and a picnic awaiting them outside. The couples rescued dog had centre stage at the wedding, and for most of the day with all the guest’s.

            So let me end this blog post saying how blown away with kindness, happiness and emotion on the day. Also got to see one of Lizzie friends which was lovely as I also had the pleasure of covering her wedding day. We ended the night with emotion, smiles and memories. Big thanks to everyone on the day.

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            25th July 2017

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            Robin & Lizzie Hartnell

            We are so so pleased with our photographs and are so happy we chose to ask Rob to capture the special day for us.

            Like most weddings, some things can go a bit pear shaped at times and situations needs to be adjusted to make it work for the day to go as smoothly as originally planned. After timing went out of whack for my hair and make up, Rob may have missed capturing me getting ready, but he was very accommodating and came early to cover the whole thing so nothing would be missed.

            Neither Robin or I are very confident infront of the camera but we both felt incredibly comfortable having our photos taken by Rob. Partly because he is so friendly and partly because he was so good at hiding. On most of the photos I kept wondering where he would have been standing and how I hadn’t noticed him!

            Thank you so much to for our lovely photo’s, Rob, and look out for our email when we have another special occasion we’d like to capture!

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