Exclusive London Christmas Lights

            London Christmas Lights

            It’s December and I turn into a big kid full of excitement. This is my favourite time of year. With millions of twinkling lights switching on all around the world, marking the start of the Christmas celebrations. December is also the the start on my Exclusive London Christmas Lights photography streetwalks.

            This weekend was the first of two London Christmas Lights streetwalk’s I’m running this year. These exclusive Christmas workshops have proved very popular, with both the workshops already completely sold out. Running only two of these Exclusive London Christmas Lights workshops each year, we limit the spaces to just 6 delegates. It really is a case of first come first serve with the bookings. For me its a full time job keeping an eye on everyone on the London streets. Acting traffic controller I stand in the middle of the busy streets on traffic light patrol. This way I make sure delegates get a better chance capturing those special images, whilst avoiding all the busy London traffic.

            There’s nothing like the sparkle of the London Christmas lights to give the city an instant festive makeover. Being surrounded with all the cheer really gets you into the Christmas spirit of things.

            Our meeting point was Cafe Nero on Regent Street close to Oxford Circus. Once everybody arrived we set off down Oxford Street. Stopping here on the central reservation for some amazing shots leading down one of Londons busiest shopping streets. From here it was down some more back streets with hidden gems and ending up back on to Regent Street. It was nice just spending a little time taking in the angels and passing moments. We then made our way down the streets to Piccadilly Circus.

            I’ve not included all the streets and locations that we covered during this exclusive workshop. That’s due to running the second and last London Christmas walk on the 17th December. I would like to try keeping it real and surprising for the next bunch. But make no presumptions. I’ll be taking them on a slightly different walk just to mix things up and keeping the images different.

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            Robert Pugh
            4th December 2016

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            I really enjoyed the Christmas lights shoot last weekend. Thank you, Rob, you certainly knew the good spots for the best views of the lights, some of which were quite spectacular. They get better every year! I got some very pleasing shots. A selection is now on my website .

            I was on the Xmas lights shoot, having flown in from Dublin that morning. I had a blast and got some nice images that I would not have got on my own. However it was tougher than I expected due to the crowds and street furniture. On Carnaby St. I resorted to standing on a chair and shooting over the heads of the crowd.. It did get cold so my advice is wrap up and bring gloves but you do not really need a tripod . Enjoy. You can check out my Facebook page for the lights plus a few other images from trip.

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