Photography Training Overseas

            Photography Training Overseas

            Photography Training Overseas, or should I say in search of amazing locations with some fun in the sun, whilst testing out new ideas and lenses with an ice cold beer in hand, not to mention the hotel pool to cool down in after a hard days work.

            Ok Ok, it’s not all beer drinking, sun lounging and swimming, but as a self employed photographer this part of my work I thoroughly enjoy, and I’m sure my better half enjoy’s it just as much as whilst I’m out shooting she is the one doing all of the above.

            Playa Blanca in Lanzarote is the location for this years Photography Training Overseas adventure, staying at the wonderful all inclusive Rubicon Palace Hotel for its magnificent location, and the stunning surroundings it has to offer. This would be the start of my 7 day photography training overseas, bringing new and creative ideas to my ever expanding thirst of photography.

            One of the many products I’ve packed in to my kit bag for an in depth review to follow, is the Voigtlander 75mm f1.8 on a Leica mount (better to get the larger mount and have adapters to fit all your cameras as you cant go up in size) with the second product being the new Syrp Genie Mini Motion Control, but more on that in a dedicated blog post.

            Photography Training Overseas Summary

            After a 4 hour flight from London Gatwick, the first thoughts on my mind was to drop the cases and get scouting with the camera! but Lisa was whispering in my ear “slow down, its the first day” so I decided to take it easy and get checked into the room, quickly followed by a refreshing drink at the bar.

            As a whole, the week sure was fun in the sun. The days were full with workshops and competitions for those who wanted to participate. I had the new Olympus Pen-F to put through it’s paces, and my experience with this amazing camera left me with food for thought (and not from the all inclusive restaurant) This will definitely be my new go to camera. Watch this space for a dedicated blog. The evenings were pretty much free for the group to gather and unwind over a few drinks. The final evening is the Gala awards night where the group get the chance to dress to impress. I can’t begin to explain the adrenalin and heart pounds as you sit with all things crossed hoping that one of your competition entries was worthy enough of a prize.  I was one of those lucky winners with my runner up place in the Portrait category. It really was a surprise win as there were so many worthy winners. During my week long experience I met some amazing fellow photographers, delegates and tutors alike. I’m looking forward to January 2017 where I get to do it all over again in Cuba.

            Samara Model Shoot
            My winning image for runner up in the portrait competition that won me a trophy presented by SWPP & One Vision
            PREV. ITEM Olympus PEN-F 1962 NEXT ITEM Emma and Steve Wedding
            Robert Pugh
            9th February 2016

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            I love that hotel ,I’ve just bought a new Em5mkii and have hired a villa at Flamingo beach in early March hoping to grab some shots and get use to my new camera,the scenery is true magnificent there

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