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        Get more from your digital camera by going back to the grassroots of photography.


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        Reading: Sunday

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        Analogue Photography, or should I say film photography seems to be a dying format with digital cameras becoming cheaper and more easer to use each day. But where’s the fun in setting your camera to auto and never really experiencing the fun of old school film. Shooting a roll of 35mm film has become stylish in this hip and trendy world of photography we now live in, and I’d like to take you on a learning curve to show you the thrills of shooting film.

        Analogue Photography Film 101

        On the day we will meet at a chosen location in London or Reading, depending on the date, to discuss the cameras we will be using, (you will need to provide your own film camera for the day) and how to use them creatively. We will also talk about the technical aspects of film photography, including metering, film sensitivity, depth of field and film fomats. We will provide a roll of film per photographer in 35mm format. We currently stock Fujifilm Pro400H and Provia 400.

        Don’t worry if you are new to film photography, we will cover all bases on this course, and by the end of the day you will know how to use a film camera

        • Setting ISO overexposing
        • Focusing with range finders – Zone focusing
        • Pushing film
        • Pulling film
        • Metering
        • Creativity on the streets
        • Developing and the best Labs to use.

        We will cover sending your film to UKfilm lab for development and having your images scanned by the lab. The benefit of this is a quicker turnaround, and ending up with a digital image but keeping the outstanding look of film. Even in todays world with all the film presets nothing can come close to actual film.

        All the images shown in this gallery have been taken with film, using Ektar 100 and Portra 400 film.

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        To secure your place on one of our Streetwalks or workshops please select your chosen date and time add to your shopping cart, this will be added by pressing the Book Now button and follow the payment instructions.

        You will be taken through our shopping cart process to pay securely with Stripe . All major debit and credit cards accepted. If you have any questions or are having difficulty paying online give us a call on 0118 954 8143 we are open from 9am to 18:00.

        Refund & Cancellation Policy

        As our cost for each street walk or course date remains the same no matter how many delegates attend, please note we are unable to give refunds in the event of un-attendees, regardless of your circumstances for not attending.

        The exception to this is if we have prior notice and are able to put a cancellation place back online and your place is resold. In this event we will of cause make a full refund or credit to you. We also reserve the right to cancel any streetwalk or course (rarely happens but is always a possibility), if there is insufficient demand, especially if it means that our costs would be higher than our income.

        Please therefore do not leave it until the last few weeks if you are interested in a particular date, as you may find that it has been removed! Please note that we cannot be liable for any other costs incurred by yourself, so please check with us before booking any non-refundable accommodation or transport.

        What will you learn

        Practical experiencing using one of the most powerful compositional skills.

        How and why to isolate your main subject in a composition.

        Working knowledge of reducing a composition to be more effective.

        Better storytelling in your photography

        Basic understanding of compositional elements and approaches.

        Understanding of how to use negative space to make your images stand out from among the vast majority of photographers.


        Meeting points for each workshop along with running times.

        Reading: 10:00 – 15:00 Jessops Unit 2 Oracle Shopping Centre Reading RG1 2AH
        London: 11:00 – 16:00 The Camera Museum, located on 44 Museum Street London


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