Mystical Marrakech Streetwalk

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        Join me in Morocco for a streetwalk to remember around the busting town of Marrakech for a photography experience of a lifetime.

        Date: Saturday 12th September To Tuesday 15th September 2020

        Group Size: 8 Attendees.

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        Our amazing photography weekend city break to Marrakech in the heart of Morocco will surely give you some spectacular images to take back with you after the adventure. You will have your cameras to hand as we explore the souks, watch charming snake artisans at work on the streets, explore the buildings and there authentic Islamic architecture and take time out to relax in the beautiful shaded gardens.

        Our stay will be within Medina, the ancient walled part of the city Marrakech, where from the rooftops with the somewhat snow capped the Atlas Mountains in view, we will be able to appreciate the unique position as the meeting point from sub-Saharan Africa and Arabic North Africa.

        Marrakech What to expect on your travels

        Narrow alleyways with souk – lining the streets offering brightly coloured spices, buildings and artisans at work in the world-famous Djemaa Sl-Fna with its carnival atmosphere

        Koutoubia Mosque and Gardens – Between Koutoubia Mosque and its gardens, you’ll find great angles and stunning backdrops for photos. During the Call to Prayer, getting pictures of the faithful, coming in from Jemaa el Fna is particularly interesting.

        Marrakech Royal Palace – Though you won’t be able to tour the inside. The exterior makes for good photos with its well-manicured gardens and urban and mountainous backdrops.

        Jardins de l’Agdal – Resurrect your spirits in this lively garden. The two reflecting pools make for good shots. The gardens have initially been an orchard constructed by And al-Mu’min of the Almohad dynasty in the 12th century. Renovated by the Saadi dynasty and expanded during the reign of Moulay Abderrahmane in the 19th century. He then ordered the gardens to be surrounded by pine walls.

        Medina Neighborhood – This is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Marrakech. Meander through the streets to find potential photos of many types. Here you’ll be able to capture the spirit of Marrakech on camera at all hours. Within about a 1/2 mile radius, you’ll get excellent shots of various types from locals to buildings.

        Marrakech Vedeo Highlights

        Please take a look at the video below from our last trip to Marrakech. An excellent opportunity to meet fellow photographers and make new friends along the way. What’s more, you will come away from the trip with some spectacular images.

        Additional information


        You will need to book your own return flights:
        Option One: You can expect to pay £129 per person for a return flight from Gatwick Airport to Marrakesh flying with easyjet.

        Option Two: British airways package deal, Hotel including breakfast and return flights fron London Heathrow £250 per person.


        You have a couple of options, we have stayed at this Hotel before, and I would highly recommend it. Located in the heart of Marrakech and you can also book your airport bus transfers with the Hotel.
        Hotel: Riad L\\\\\'Heure d\\\\\'Eté, 96, Sidi Bouloukat, Marrakech
        Price: You can expect to pay £136 for three nights Bed and Breakfast per person.

        Alternatively, you can book a different Hotel or a package deal with BA including flights and Hotel.


        After you have booked and paid for your place on the photography adventure you will receive an email from me. I will include everything you need to know about my flights and Hotel if you wish to travel with me and stay in the same Hotel. I will also provide links to were you can book the Hotel and the itinerary for each of the days.


        The itinerary for each of the days but may change closer to the trip. The final itinerary will be emailed to everyone the week before the trip.

        Day One Saturday 12th: Travel and arrival day. Evening Introductions and discussing additional plans before Heading out into the streets and soak up in the night atmosphere, Capture long exposures and star trails from the rooftops of the hotel.

        Day Two Sunday 13th: I will be arrainging a local guide to take us to the critical parts of Marrakech and exploring the walled city heading to the Metal souk’s and from here we gain access to the tanneries where leather processed in stinking vats. We will have some free time then and find a nice relaxing place for a bite to eat and reflect on the passing days and images before making our plans for the night ahead (street bands to photograph, performing monkeys the list goes on).

        Bounas: There will be an opportunity to join me for an early morning shoot as the sun rises over the calm streets.

        Day Three Monday 14th: We have to options for today and as a group we will decide. There is an oppatunaty to head out of town in to the desert (see Bounas info). alternativly in the morning we will head to Jardin Majorelle picturesk gardens must see 50D entrance fro to the gardens. In the evening Koutoubia Mosque, Visit PM as the sun starts to set for the local atmosphere as they come to pra

        Bounas: £25 per person AIT BEN HADDOU EXCURSION Ait-Ben-Haddou is located south of Télouet. This valley was a traditional crossing point linking Marrakech caravans south of the Sahara. It is a striking example of the architecture of traditional southern Morocco, on the side of a hill on top of which was a collective attic (a Agadir).The village is as a set of earthen buildings surrounded by walls, the Ksar, which is a traditional pre-Saharan habitat. One can still see a fondouk (caravanserai). The Ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou is registered on the list of UNESCO World Heritage since 1987.

        Day Four Tusday 15th: Travel home day. Before we had home its an erly morning getup. We will be heading out to the spectacular Menara Gardens. Dont worry ill have you back at the Hotel for 11:00am ready for checkout at 12:00pm.

        More will be added to this as I secure bookings and confirm access to the location with timings.


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