Photography Mentoring


        If you would like a mentor like me, get in touch and prepare to get excited about the possibility that you can create a business that is totally about you and what you believe in.

        This is on a one-to-one basis and you’ll have my full attention.

        Let’s do this, lets learn together.


        I provide one to one bespoke photography mentoring sessions for photographers. Each approach is totally unique as I guide each student through a process based on their individual needs; I am passionate and absolutely committed to helping my students realise their dreams.

        I can talk from experience as a photographer who has their dream business, but also as an experienced teacher. The Photography Mentoring sessions are focused on YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.

        Topics that are covered:

        • Business Overview
        • Trouble shooting
        • Creating a business that is all about you and what you love
        • Identifying your voice
        • Branding and marketing your vision
        • How to attract your right clients
        • Embracing change and how your business can move forward
        • How to be inspired and creative with your shooting
        • Workflow and post processing
        • Camera equipment – whats needed whats not
        • I also provide Follow up review

        Benefits from six month photography mentoring

        • Improve at your own speed, with monthly photographic assignments.
        • On-line mentoring means you don’t have to attend a classroom or workshop.
        • Monthly photographic assignments are accompanied by guidelines, tips, ideas and instructions.
        • Expand your know-how and confidence, shooting a variety of pictures using different techniques.
        • Receive support and advice from a trustworthy teacher.
        • Feedback from Robert, a recognised photography trainer and ambassador that has created successful wedding and portrait business from just an idea.

        How you will learn

        My mentoring is a 6 month scheme. At the beginning we will spend half a day together – so that I can meet you, learn about your business and assess your requirements for development and growth. After that there is a 2 hour time allocation per month and exactly how it works depends on you. Some people like to see me face to face at my studio or on skype for an intensive session and others benefit more, from more frequent communication on email or phone.

        Assignments are issued on around the 15th of the month, every month, Roberts’s response will follow within two weeks of the following month’s submission so around the 30th..

        Feedback will assess: impact, interest & viewpoint, processing & presentation, composition, and technique.

        Due to my weekends being committed to weddings I schedule the mentoring sessions on weekdays.

        If you felt that you needed any additional support during the 6 month period this can be arranged.

        Equipment necessary

        • Digital Camera
        • Computer
        • Internet connection


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