Wedding Profit Calculator


        We have designed the Wedding Profit Calculator to help you grow your wedding photography business. This calculator will do all the maths for you and create your hourly rate.
        Fill in the blanks on the form with the costings you know and watch your package price form in minutes. The first step to starting out on your own and running a successful wedding photography business.


        Use our Wedding Profit Calculator Calculate your Wedding Photography business cost – how much does each wedding/product cost you to make. Consider the number of weddings that you would need to cover in a given year. Take into consideration the ideal amount to build a successful wedding business and pay your bills. For example, a full-time wedding photographer would on average turn around 32 weddings a year to make a profit being self-employed.

        Wedding Profit Calculator how to price yourself correctly

        Robert has created a wedding profit calculator that would help you achieve this and give you a better understanding of your incomings and outgoings. We cover the following topics to develop your hourly rate: wedding profit calculator: direct costs, fixed costs, time spent, up-sales, final profits.

        As your business grows and your cost rises with price increases, you can add in the new figgers each year and keep ahead of your competition in this busting wedding marked with competitive pricing at a profit.

        Album and print sales

        With the Wedding Profit Calculator, you can add in the base cost of all your album and print sales to create an average per wedding on achievable sales you need to create from each booking. Make you a more profitable business and a better understanding of not only your cost but what makes you the most profit.

        In any business, it is essential to understand profit and loss to run a successful business. With this calculator, you can achieve this and know what your hourly rate is to charge for additional hours worked at any given wedding you take on.

        When you’re in a meeting with your potential client knowing what to say and the price to give when asked “what do you charge for an additional two hours” is an absolute must without guessing and pulling a figure out from the clouds.

        Additional information

        Download Info

        Once you have purchased a download link that is valid for seven days. Download your Microsoft Excel document. This is a complex algorithm document, all you have to do is fill in the costings and all the magic works in the background.

        All download links expire in 7 days of purchasing, please download your product after purchase. One download per customer.


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