Robert Pugh Camera Bag Kit

Whats in Robert Pugh Camera Bag Kit. This is an insight into the equipment I use to take photos, and although I rarely use it all at once, it’s almost always in my camera bag some point in a working week. I like to pack light!

But first, it’s important to understand the kinds of photos I take, and what effect that has on what I carry on the day of the shoot or workshop I’m running..

I remember reading that Eric Kim, the street photographer, doesn’t even own a tripod. While that suits him just fine, that wouldn’t do me much good.

You could break down the kinds of photos I take into two sections: people and places. Whether I’m taking photos of a model, or a man on the street, I spend a lot of taking photos of people. And I spend an equally long time taking photos of places, whether it’s an old building, or a landscape.

So while we have a look at the list below, bear this in mind, because everyone’s bag is going to be different. Please note, I don’t carry everything with me at once, I leave my telephoto lens, back up camera, etc. at home if I’m just taking photos for the fun or street photography.

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The Bag: The bag I use is a ThinkTank Signature Ten (See Below). It’s a fantastic bag, but I won’t bore you with the details, as you can read my review of it here.


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