Samantha and Rob E-Shoot

            Samantha & Rob’s Engagement Shoot


            We met Samantha and Rob at the main entrance of Reading train station before boarding the train for our destination engagement shoot, London Paddington. We made our way on foot towards Oxford Street, stopping along the way to capture some shots before heading over to the winter wonderland in Hyde Park.

            London Paddington Engagement Shoot

            As the light outside was changing, we had the excuse for a pub stop before making tracks back out into the night to make use of the Christmas window displays in Oxford Street, then it was off on the tube across to the London Eye to catch a little more of the Christmas atmosphere with the markets and fair.

            It was at this point we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways to enjoy the rest of the evening in the Christmas surroundings of London.

            Samantha’s Quote “Just had a look at the pictures from our London shoot! AMAZING!!!!! Absolutely, totally love them”

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            Robert Pugh
            5th January 2015

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