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            Speedlight’s For Wedding’s


            Every photographer needs to go on training courses, that’s how we get to where we are today. For me progression is the most important part of my role along with providing my customers with the best images I can produce. Every year I book myself onto three courses to progress and master the art of photography in all aspects. This year I decided to concentrate on speed lights and lighting my subject on the go.

            For this I turned to the renowned and award winning wedding photographer Brett Harkness, as he is a master in the area of speed lights and lighting techniques. Rest assured I came away from the workshop with a wealth of knowledge and techniques to put into practice to give you, my customers, the images you deserve.

            I’m a big believer in investing in my equipment, so as I’m the photographer behind the equipment, I will continue to invest in myself pushing the boundaries of my skills every step of the way.

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            Robert Pugh
            4th July 2014

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            Hi Robert,
            I was wondering if you used dslr or the omd’s on this course?

            Hi Martin, yes I did use the Olympus OMD EM-1 on the course along with all the other courses and images you see on this website.

            All I use for my photography are the Olympus OMD cameras (EM-1 and EM-10) amazing cameras and iv not used a DSLR in 3 years

            Very interesting,
            I’ve attended a couple if Brett’s courses and know he’s fond of a 70-200 setup amongst other kit so interesting to see your take on it.
            I’ve just started to adopt an e-m1 into my setup but currently alongside a dslr(early days & need a safety net!)
            I’d considered a em-10 as a backup rather than 2 e-m1’s but might hold out for a second, they’re completely changing how I approach things for sure.

            It was a pleasure working with Robert on this training course, I will be using his shots from the day to put in my professional model book! It would be a pleasure to work with him again in the future.

            Thanks Edward, it was a pleasure working with you on the day and look forward to next time.

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