Stacey Norris Engagement Photography

            Stacey Norris Engagement Photography


            Stacey Norris Engagement Photography was to take place at the Forbury Gardens in Reading Berkshire as it offers some stunning locations around the grounds.

            The sun was out as i met up with the happy couple early morning (10am) and for the next hour they was all mine to walk around the grounds starting with the amazing and colourful bandstand were pools of light was flooding in from all sides creating outstanding portraits and backdrops.

            Moving on walking down to the river we came across railings and old doorways perfect for single and couple portraits but as i turned around after doing Stacey’s shot i found myself drawn to the light and the way her future husband was sitting and it had to be captured (just how i like it, naturally posed and not by me).

            As are time came to an end and the couple made there way of to work i was already exited to get back to the office and start work editing the images and I’m shore you will agree there stunners!.

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            Robert Pugh
            24th September 2015

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