Streetwalk To Remember


            It was a Streetwalk to remember, with Olympus sending me the soon to be released 40-150mm f2.8 lens and a sellout with all the available streetwalk places filled. Awating everyone to arrive at Image space I had time to get everything ready and the coffee on. Everyone had arrived from far and wide with even an American flying over from the USA to join us for the day!

            We managed to walk through all the side streets catching what London has to offer before stoping for lunch. It was then over to the Millennium Bridge for daytime long exposers showing the group how we can remove all the tourists off the bridge for a clean look.

            After the first group, I had a nice coffee and a well earned pint with a fellow photographer before heading over to Westminster to meet up with the evening workshop group for long exposers and light trails around London’s south bank.

            We all had an amazing evening trying out the new setting on the OMD E-M1 2.0 bringing the night to an end at 22:00 with everyone ready for a nice warm coffee as the night got colder.

            So I’d just like to end on a last image from the day’s Streetwalk and a big thank you to everyone that came along.

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            Robert Pugh
            12th November 2014

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            Really enjoyed it and pleases with my pics

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