Getting your images from the camera to your computer is one of the most important tasks after capturing your photos. There our many ways of achieving this but my preferred favourite is Photo Mechanic due to the way it renders images so fast and the meta data you can implement on import.

Photo Mechanic was used by the press due to the fast acting rendering of images, but is now more commonly used by all photographers due to the slow rendering of images in Lightroom.

One of the first jobs is importing the images from the SD card into Photo Mechanic, then applying a stationary pad where you’ve previously took snapshots of the important elements of your wording for each image. This powerful tool will help you rename your images using keywords, and branding your images with your website link.

After you’ve completed all the tasks you need to do in Photo Mechanic, It’s a simple process of dragging and dropping all the images into Lightroom for the editing to start. You must realise that Photo Mechanic is not an edit tool, but is rather a way of sorting and culling your images faster and in a more efficient way.

This video will take you through the simple steps from start to finish.